Meet the Artist

Hey there!

My name is Nicoly, and I'm the artist behind each candle. Everything is handmade and artisanal. As a small business, my goal is to ensure each part of the process is made with love - from candle making to packaging. I love what I do and hope to bring happiness, peace and good vibes to your home!

Our story

First Products

In 2022, I started making candles to myself as hobby. Trying new candles, scents and decoration helped me discover new recipes and improve the technique. That was also when I realized my passion for candle making and decided to take the first steps to open a small business.

Our Story

Brazilian Store

I spent 10 months in Brazil from 2022-2023 and during this time, our store started to have our first customers. We did not have a name, logo or website; however, we offered 100% biodegradable soy candles when living on an eco-village in Marau, Bahia. These candles did not use regular pots, but instead they were made on a coconut shell.

Our Story

Mystical Moon has Born

In 2023, Mystical Moon has born. The name and logo simbolizes my admiration and respect for the Moon and its phases. We live in a fast-paced world, so I hope that our candles can give you time for yourself, to look outside, watch the moon and remember there is an entire universe outside of our day-to-day problems, thoughts or routine. Light a candle, pray to the universe, set intentions and appreciate this abundance of life that you are.

We are handmade, 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly and sustainable